2019 Day 53

Dedh Terdhek ha Dogens

De Gwener, nessa warn ügens mis Whevrel Friday, 22nd February
Da ew gans an mola dhu ma debry morednow idhyow. Nag ujy an edhen ma ow tos dhe ganstel a has ow cregy war vagh vos ogas dhe'n veister. Nag eus gwelys genam edhyn erel veth ow tebry an mor na. Martesen thens re vras rag edhyn bian, po martesen nag eus sawer wheg dhodhans. Na ell an mola dhu cluja war welen vian rag debry ow has. Da ew has gen pednpaly. Heb own ew ev dhe dhos nes dhe'n chei. Na wruga vy besca gweles edhyn pur vras ogas dhe'n chei. Ma'n bargas ma ow tarneyja e'n eborn. Nag ew da gen bargejyas na has na mor. Predhoryon ens.   

This blackbird likes to eat ivy berries. This bird does not come to the basket of seeds hanging on a wall hook near the window. I have not seen any other birds eating those berries. Perhaps they are too large for little birds, or perhaps they don't have a nice taste. The blackbird can't perch on a little perch to eat my seeds. A bluetit lik…

2019 Day 52

Dedh Dewdhek ha Dogens De Yow, kensa warn ügens mis Whevrel Thursday, 21st February

Na wrüga vy gweles an loor leun newher, drefen bos re gomolek an ebòrn. Na whath, me a welas hy ober. Mars eus loor leun brâs ena ma mortîd ûhel brâs. Thera an todnow ow floshya dres vos an mor dhe’n morrab reb an park kerry. Na wrüga vy còrtos. Me a gemeras kyttrin dhe Truru rag cùntellyan bagas art. Wendy Parkyn a dhisqwedhas dhen fatell gwil pictour gen collel. Thera foto gensy, kemerys pa wrüga hei kerdhes reb Helman Tor. Nag o va imach a’n Tor saw a yet ha nebes keow en gwav. En kensa hei a ûsyas scübellik dhe liwa an gwel ha gwil delinyans garow an gwedh. Res veu dhedhy seha an paynt gen jynn seha ken gorra moy. Hei a worras hy liwyow war vord bian. Hei a’s mellyas gen hy hollel. Nena hei a worras liw tew en gwiscajow. Na veu termyn luk dhe worfedna an pictour et tien. Thera odhom dhodho whath a nebes kievow war an trolergh.
I didn’t see the full moon last night. However, I saw its effect. If there …

2019 Day 51

Dedh Üdnek ha Dogens De Merher, ügensves mis Whevrel Wednesday, 20th February Thera loor leun newher e’n nos. “Loor Ergh” henwys ew hei en America Norh, drefen bos ergh war an nor en mis Whevrel (ken nag eus ergh en Kernow). Henwyn erel ew “Loor Nown” ha “Loor Enawel”. Loor vrâs ew hei, drefen bos nessa dhe’n Norves. (Resegva an loor nag ew cran perfeth – hirgren ew.) De a veu an kensa dedh arwòdh zodiak “An Pesk”. Gellys ew an Deger Dowr. There was a full moon last night in the night. It’s called “Snow Moon” in North America because there is snow on the ground in February (although there is no snow in Cornwall). Other names are “Hunger Moon” and “Storm Moon”. It’s a big moon because it’s nearer to the Earth. (The moon’s orbit is not a perfect circle – it’s an oval/ellipse.) Yesterday was the first day of the zodiac sign “Pisces”. Aquarius has gone.

2019 Day 50

Dedh Hanter Cans (Dogens ha Deg)
De Meurth, nownjegves mis Whevrel Tuesday, 19th February

Termyn me veu mos (mowes) yonk thera gorgath du dhebm. Hanter ehen an Est o ev, pur danow hag askornek ha codnyk lowr. Napoleon henwys o ev. En gwettha pres, da o ganjo helghy fesonts. Udn jorna ev eth dhe gol. A wrug an gwithyas gam y senjy? En gwella pres, nag eus whans dhe'n cathes diek vy e'n eur-ma helghy traveth. (Ha nag eus fesont veth en ogas!) Gwell ew ganjans gwary gik po cosca.

When I was a young girl I had a black tomcat. He was half Siamese (an Oriental breed), very skinny and bony and quite clever. He was called Napoleon. Unfortunately, he liked to hunt pheasants. One day he disappeared. Did the gamekeeper catch him? Fortunately, my lazy cats nowadays don't want to catch anything. (And there aren't any pheasants nearby!) They prefer to play hide-and-seek or sleep.

2019 Day 49

Dedh Dogens ha Naw De Lün, etegves mis Whevrel Monday, 18th February
Nag eus scol veth hedhyw. Nag eus scol veth oll an seythen. Degolyow ew – hanter tremmîs. Nag eus odhom dhe’n flehes wydn vy a wil traveth, etho da ew gen an mos kerdhes gen an kei ha da ew gen an maw mires ort scrînys – nebes scrîn po lies scrîn en kettermyn! Re yonk ew an baby rag scol. Da ew ganjo gwary whath gen clacker.

There is no school at all today. There is no school at all the whole week. It’s holidays – half-term. My grandchildren don’t need to do anything, so the girl likes to walk with the dog and the boy likes to watch screens – any screen or many screens simultaneously! The baby is too young for school. He still likes to play with a rattle.

2019 Day 48

Dedh Dogens hag Eth De Sül, seytegves mis Whevrel Sunday, 17th February

Shyndys o an payl predn gen gwens. Còskys o va ewedh, drefen bos coth ha gleb. Res veu dhen y dhiswül. Nena nei a gemeras nebes aral et y le. Ev alja bos rag an termyn. Nei a vedn gweles mars ew da genen. Payl hir ew. Res veu dhen perna trei fardel brâs a roos neus: hen’ew deg meter warn ügens. Thera lies whennen dhe tedna emann ha ma pil a bredn poder dhe riddya. Lowen ew an edhyn. Anjei ell cavos lies bulugen. The wooden fence was wind-damaged. It was rotten as well, beause it was old and damp. We had to dismantle it. Then we put something else in its place. It could be temporary. We will see if we like it. It’s a long fence. We had to buy three big rolls of wire netting: that is thirty metres. There were lots of weeds to pull up and a pile of rotten wood to get rid of. The birds are happy. They can find lots of earthworms.

2019 Day 47

Dedh Dogens ha Seyth De Sadorn, whetegves mis Whevrel Saturday, 16th February

An pednseythen po pedn an seythen: rag radn brassa an pobel nag ew dedh whel. En cres an seythen tho gwag an treth ha’n park kerry. Hedhyw thera tüs moy war an treth ha’n park kerry o leun ogasty. Thera pub onan ow kerdhes. Nag o an gewer tobm lowr rag sedha (loos o an ebòrn). Garow o an mor, rag hedna na wrüga vy gweles den veth ow mordartha. Thew an vorrow gleb whath drefen bos an dowr ûhel dadn an dor. Ow lowarth war vena ew pur leb ewedh – nag eus howl lowr. Leun ew ev a gewny, medhel ha gwer spladn.

The weekend or the end of the week: for most people it’s not a work day. In the middle of the week the beach and the carpark were empty. Today there were more people on the beach and the carpark was almost full. Everyone was walking. The weather wasn’t hot enough for sitting (the sky was grey). The sea was rough, therefore I didn’t see anyone surfing. The roads are still wet because the water is high under the …