Day Two Hundred and Eighty-six

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens ha Whegh
De Sül, pajerdegves mis Hedra. Sunday, 14th October.
Gellys ew an gwens ha gellys ew an glaw. Hedhyw a veu jorna pur deg, gen howl dres nebes ourys. Termyn nos ew lebmyn ha me ell gweles lies steren en ebron heb cobmol. Me ell clowes son an mor, keth ew moy es üdn mildir alebma. Ma glouth war an gwels – thew an ayr yeyn, saw nag ew yeyn lowr rag rew. An loor e’n nos ma a vedh gwarek o cressya (saw na ellama hy gweles whath). Gone is the wind and gone is the rain. Today was a very lovely day, with sun for several hours. It’s night time now and I can see lots of stars in a cloudless sky. I can hear the sound of the sea, although it is more than one mile away. There is dew on the grass – the air is cold, but it’s not cold enough for frost. The moon in this night will be a waxing crescent (but I can’t see it yet).

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-five

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens ha Pemp
De Sadorn, terdhegves mis Hedra. Saturday, 13th October.
Res veu dhebm gwil ethol hedhyw. A dal vy moas dhe vetyans gen cothmans e'n bagas scriforyon ha scriforesow vy? (Nei a vett pub mis.) A via gwell moas dhe gescussullyans "Skians" (rosweyth whithrans adro dhe'n tavas Kernowek)? An scriforyon ha scriforesow a dhebatyas fatel scrifa fugieth fienasow. An whithroryon ha whithroresow a dhadhlas lies tra. Me a dhewisas Skians. Na vedh Skians moy terebo nessa kidnyadh (dres lycklod). E veu paperyow o tochya politegieth ha laha, istory, Kernowegoryon ha Kernowegoresow, gramasegow ha spellyans, omdhegyansow bedn an tavas ha gerva.

I had to makea choice today. Should I go to a meeting with friends in my writers' group? (We meet every month.) Would it be better to go to the Skians conference (a research network about the Cornish language)? The writers discussed how to write suspense fiction. The researchers debated many things. I chose …

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-four

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens ha Pajer
De Gwener, dewdhegves mis Hedra. Friday, 12th October.
Gwenjek ew an gewer hedhyw, pur, pur wenjek. Ma lies gwedhen war an dor. Otta gwedhen e’n lowarth agan kentrevek. Nebes kyttrinyow a veu delatys gen gwedh codhys adres dhe vorrow. Na alja o gour hedhes y apoyntyans opticyan. E veu üdn wharvos füjik – lavalow a veu whethys kerr a avalen wyls. Me a vedn gwil cowlesen aval gwyls po, martesen, jamm gen lavalow ha limavalow glas.

The weather is windy today, very, very windy. There are many trees on the ground. Here’s a tree in our neighbour’s garden.  Some buses were delayed by trees fallen across roads. My husband couldn’t reach his optician’s appointment. There was one fortunate event – apples were blown off a wild apple tree. I shall make crab apple jelly or, perhaps, jam with apples and limes.

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-three

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens ha Trei
De Yow ew, an üdnegves dedh a vis Hedra. It's Thursday, the 11th day of October.

Me a ostyas e'n radnjy o mergh wydn newher. Res veu dhedhy saval emann pur a-bres dhe voas dhe'n gorsav hens horn rag tren hanter oja seyth. Thera hei o moas dh'omweles war hy dama wydn aral en Pow Densher, ha òja hedna dhe Spayn dhe weles hy thas. E'n gwettha pres, thera dhedhy lies daffar dhe gemeres, keffres ha hy flogh bian! Warbarth, nei a gemeras kerrik flogh, scavel carr, trog bian, sagh baby, tigen vroas ha hy croust (haunsel). Me eth war an cay rag gweres dhedhy. Nebonan e'n tren a wrüg gweres dhedhy ewedh. Viaj da, cüfcolon! I stayed in my granddaughter's flat last night. She had to get up very early to go to the railway station for the seven-thirty train. She was going to visit her other grandmother in Devon, and after that to Spain to see her father. Unfortunately, she had a lot of stuff to take, as well as her little baby!  Together…

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-two

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens ha Dew
De Merher, degves mis Hedra. Wednesday, 10th October.

Debrys ew an scavel gronek ma. Ellama hy debry? Na ora vy. Therama pedery dr’ew hei debrys gen melwhejen. Ma lies melwhejen et o lowarth! Rag hedna, nag erama o conis losow. Gwell ew genam flourys, en neb cas. Po, martesen, an scavel gronek a veu debrys gen best aral. Ew an re ma merkys dhort dens bian? Ma medoryon ha gwyweras oll adro. Ew da scavellow cronek dhodhans? Has ew da gen gwyweras (rag an edhyn)! This toadstool is eaten. Can I eat it? I don’t know. I think it’s eaten by a slug (or snail). There are lots of slugs in my garden! Therefore, I do not grow vegetables. I prefer flowers, anyway. Or, perhaps the toadstool was eaten by another animal. Are those marks from little teeth? There are field mice and squirrels all around. Do they like toadstools? Squirrels like seeds (for the birds)!

Day Two Hundred and Eighty-one

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer Ügens hag Onan
De Meurth, nawhes mis Hedra. Tuesday, 9th October.

Pandr’ew an ger Kernôwek own rag “fungus”? Thew an ger ma Latten. Ha nag üjy va o tismygya tredh tacklow a ell boas debrys ha an re na ell boas debrys. En Sowsnek thera nei o longya dhe ûsya “toadstool” rag fungus na ell boas debrys ha “mushroom” rag fungus ell boas debrys. Nag ew hedna pur skientek! Devedhys ew an geryow dhort Sowsnek Cres ha Frenkek Coth. En Kernôwek nag eus bes üdn ger dhe nei – “scavel gronek”. Nag ew hebma pur skientek naneyl. Ma dhe scavel gronek cappa ha garren, gen brynk dadn an cappa. Brynk gwydn ew diantel. Anjei ell boas winyk. Ma lies scavel gronek teg et o lowarth – bes me a vedn perna scavellow cronek rag an gegin en shoppa.
What is the right Cornish word for “fungus”? This word is Latin. And it does not distinguish between this that can be eaten and those that cannot be eaten. In English we usually use “toadstool” for a fungus that cannot be eaten and “mushroom” for a f…

Day Two Hundred and Eighty

Dew Cansves Dedh ha Pajer Ügens
De Lün, ethves mis Hedra. Monday, 8th October.

Hav ew gorfednys, saw üjy an prev del  ma o godhvos hedna? Nag eus bes onan anedhans. Eus boos lowr? Ma odhom dhodho dhe dhebry ha cressya kens an gewer yeyn gwav. En gwenton, martesen, ev a vedh ticky Düw mer morlû rüdh.
Summer is finished, but does this caterpillar know that? There is only one of them. Is there enough food? It needs to eat and grow before the cold weather of winter. In spring, perhaps, it will be a red admiral butterfly.