Day Fifty-one

An Ügensves Dedh ha Dogans
De Merher ew, an kensa dedh warn ügens a vis Whevrel. Mettin avarr ew – whegh eur poran. Me a dhifünas pemp eur, drefen boas an kei o kiny. Thera whans dhodho moas mes e’n lôwarth. Me a egoras an daras ha’n gath eth mes ewedh. Oula a outyas. Re yeyn ew rag gara egor darjow veth, etho me a’n degeas ha gòrtos. Me a gawas badna te ha me o còrtos.  It’s Wednesday, the twenty-first day of February. It’s early morning – six o’clock precisely. I woke at five o’clock because the dog was whining. It was wanting to go out into the garden. I opened the door and the cat went out as well. An owl hooted. It’s too cold for leaving any doors open, so I closed it and waited. I had a drop of tea while I was waiting.
Re yeyn! Trei degre o po le. Martesen ma rew. Me a wrüg perthy co (cov) nepeth. Thera gerys genam neb planjow en sethow aves dhe’n chei. Üskis! Gwra aga sawya! An kei a harthas e’n tewlder. Pe le ma va? Üskis! Gwra cawas torchen ha cavas an begel! Re helergh ew lebmy…

Day Fifty

An Degves Dedh ha Dogans
De Meurth, ügensves mis Whevrel. Jorna teg o ha me o moas en kerres (kerdhes) war nans dhe’n savla kyttrin. An howl a spladnas keth (kenth) o an gwens yeyn. En kyttrin me a redyas lever en Kernowek (KS) – “Aventurs Alys in Pow an Anethow”. Tuesday, 20th February. It was a lovely day as I was walking downhill to the bus stop. The sun shone though the wind was cold. On the bus I read a book in Cornish (KS) – “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. En Truru me a vetyas gen cowethes rag kescows ha coffy. Nei a gemeras tabm ly ewedh. Nei a dhetermyas dhe vetya arta nessa seythen rag dalla (dalleth) class Kernôwek nowydh. Nei a vedh junys gen deskyblon erel, ma esperans dhebm. In Truro I met a friend for a chat and coffee. We had a spot of lunch as well. We decided to meet again next week to start a new Cornish class. We will be joined by other learners, I hope. Ha jorna teg o whath ha me o kerres (kerdhes) war vena dhe’m chei. And it was still a lovely day as I walked uphil…

Day Forty-nine

An Dogensves Dedh ha Naw
De Lün ew, an nawnjegves dedh a vis Whevrel. Dedh morethek o, saw nag o an gewer yeyn - da lowr rag gonis e’n lôwarth arta. Me alja clowes an mor en peldar. Ma splatt broas, overdevys gen dreys, reden ha linas. Thera odhom dhe nei a worra dhe ves oll aga gwredh. Ma bambous dhe voas gorrys dhe ves ewedh. Mowns o tevy dres agan or dhort lôwarth agan kentrevoges. It’s Monday, the nineteenth day of February. It was a gloomy day, but the weather was not cold – good enough for working in the garden again. I could hear the sea in the distance. There is a large patch of land, overgrown with brambles, bracken and stinging nettles. We needed to get rid of all their roots. There are bamboos to be removed as well. They grow across our border from our neighbour’s garden.
En gwella pres, nag ew an dedhyow pur hir ha me alja moas a-jei pemp ar glogh. Tydn o vy ha gwanys gen gwibes – ha ma fowt dhebm a wül bath hir ha tòbm. Ma clowys genam dew oula hanath – “too-wit” amèdh an ey…

Day Forty-eight

An Dogensves Dedh ha Eth
De Sül, etegves mis Whevrel. Thera glaw dres nos ha nag o yeyn. En Peran Treth thera dhen cloud isel ha niwl. Na wrüga nei gweles an howl oll an jorna ha na wrüg an ayr seha. Tho an tòmder terdhek degre Celsius. Sunday, 18th February. There was rain overnight and it was not cold. In Perranzabuloe we had low cloud and fog. We did not see the sun all day and the air did not dry. The temperature was 13oCelsius.

Day Forty-seven

An Dogensves Dedh ha Seyth
De Sadorn ew, an seytegves dedh a vis Whevrel. An gewer o da lowr rag gonis e’n lôwarth. Thera odhom dhe nei a worra emann styckednow moy rag gwitha an kei dhort scappya e’n coos.Drog ew ev. Ev a wrüg chassya an gath e’n coos. An gath ell crambla gwedh ha moas dhe omgüdha en neb bush - bes an kei eth dreysys e’n dreys.E veu res dhebm y sawya – ha cravys o vy gen dreyn ha spern.
It’s Saturday, the seventeenth day of February. The weather was good enough for working in the garden. We needed to put up some extra fencing for preventing the dog escaping into the wood. It is naughty. It chased the cat into the wood. The cat can climb trees and hide itself in some bush - but the dog became tangled in the brambles. I had to rescue it – and was scratched by prickles and thorns.

Day Forty-six

An Dogensves Dedh ha Whegh
De Gwener ew, whetegves mis Whevrel. Bledhen Nowyth Lôwen! Rag fra? Bledhen Nowyth Cheny ew. Ha thew hei Bledhen an Kei. It’s Friday,16th February. Happy New Year! Why? It’s the Chinese New Year. And it’s the Year of the Dog.

Day Forty-five

An Dogensves Dedh ha Pemp

Thew an jedh ma de Yow, pemdhegves mis Whevrel. Pe eur ew? Hanter nos po nebes ha skith o vy. Me a wrüg gwitha war dhew flogh wydn hedhyw (keffres ha dew gei, diw gath ha dew conin). Moy es skith o vy, tho vy spenys! Nag eus nerth lowr dhebm dhe scrifa lies ger. This day is Thursday, 15th February. What time is it? Just before midnight and I am tired. I have looked after two grandchildren today (as well as two dogs, two cats and two rabbits). I am more than tired, I am exhausted! I do not have enough energy to write many words.