Day Hundred and Forty-four

An Cansves Dedh Dogans ha Pajer
De Gwener ew, pempes warn ügens mis Me. Nei a troyllyas dhe Falmeth gans o hôr wheg et hy harr nowydh. Nag o an jorna re dòbm ha nag o an jorna re yeyn. Nag o an howl pur spladn ha nag o an gwens pur grev. Nei a savas war Benn Dinas ogas dhe Gastel Pendinas rag mires adro ha debry dehen rew. Nei a lagyas e’n mor reb Treth Castel ha drivya dres trethow erel. Na veu meur a bobel war an treth hedhyw drefen nag ew degolyow hav whath. Ma’n flehes whath en scol. Thera nebes teylûyow gen flehes bian ha thera lies tüs coth et aga herry.
It’s Friday, 25th May. We went on an outing to Falmouth with my sister-in-law in her new car. The day wasn’t too hot and the day wasn’t too cold. The sun wasn’t very bright and the wind wasn’t very strong. We stood on Pendennis Point near Pendennis Castle to look around and eat ice cream. We paddled in the sea by Castle Beach and drove past other beaches. There weren’t many people on the beach today because it’s not the summer hol…

Day Hundred and Forty-three

An Cansves Dedh Dogans ha Trei
De Yow ew, an pajwora dedh warn ügens a vis Me. Agan vicitors eth dhe Truru hedhyw. Perhednyon shoppa tegednow ew aswonys dhodhans, ha anjei eth dh’aga salüjy. Òja hedna anjei a viras orth an peneglos (eglos teg). It’s Thursday, the 24th day of May. Our visitors went to Truro today. They know the owners of a jewellery shop and they went to greet them. After that they looked at the cathedral.

Day Hundred and Forty-two

An Cansves Dedh Dogans ha Dew
De Merher ew, an tryja dedh warn ügens a vis Me. Ma kerdhys genam re bel ha ma troos tydn dhebm arta. Thera vy o còrtos tre ha’n gour vy a wrüg moas dhe Dewyn Plustry gans agan ostyjy. Anjei a vedn kerres (kerdhes) war an treth ha’n aljow (alsyow) a-hes. Anjei a vedn gweles crow an “huer” war Benn Tewyn. Martesen anjei a wra debry tesen “hevva”! Ma gwres genam eth pasty rag pres con: peder cofen gig bôwen ha pajer hogen heb kig. Ha lebmyn sedhys o vy e’n losowjy, o threys war scavel droos. it’s Wednesday, the 23rd day of May. I have walked too far and I have a sore foot again. I am staying home and my husband has gone to Newquay with our guests. They will walk along the beach and the coast. They will see the Huer’s Hut on Towan Head. Perhaps they will eat hevva cake! I have made eight pasties for supper time: four beef pasties and four vegetarian pasties. And now I am sitting in the conservatory, my feet on a footstool.

Day Hundred and Forty-One

An Cansves Dedh Dogans hag Onan
De Meurth, nessa warn ügens mis Me. Pana jorna teg! Thera fesont teg war agan glesin. Nag eus lev teg dhodho. En mettin nei a gerras (gerdhas) e’n pow adro gen agan cothmans, en gwelyow awarha (awartha). Nei alja gweles an mor war tûa noor, ha war tûa west nei alja gweles Bre Anek. Planjys ew oll an gwelyow gen ys, martesen gen barlys rag brihy. Nei a glowas melwhesas (awhesedhas) o càna.  
Tuesday, 22nd May. What a beautiful day! There was a beautiful pheasant on our lawn. He doesn’t have a beautiful voice. In the morning we walked in the countryside with our friends, in the fields above. We could see the sea towards the north, and towards the west we could see St Agnes Beacon. All the fields are planted with corn, perhaps with barley for brewing. We heard skylarks singing.

Day Hundred and Forty

An Cansves Dedh ha Dogans (Dew Ügens)
De Lün, kensa warn ügens mis Me. Üdn jorna teg moy. Dalla teg a seythen deg, ma esperans dhebm. Thera nei o qwachas (qwaytyas) omweloryon dhort Zealand Nowydh. Hedn ew pow pur deg. A wra anjei trouvya Kernow dhe voas pow pur deg ewedh? Cowetha goth ens. Me a vetyas ganjans nanjew moy es dogans bledhen. Mowns o toas gen tren dhort Pow an Sowson. Anjei a wrüg mettya gans o noyth en mettin dhe gawas coffy ken kemeres aga thren. Hei a wrüg triga ganjans en aga chei termyn hei veu yonk. Monday, 21st May. One more lovely day. A lovely start of a lovely week, I hope. We are expecting visitors from New Zealand. That is a very beautiful country. Will they find Cornwall (to be) a very beautiful country too? They are old friends. I met them more than forty years ago. They are coming by train from England. They met my niece in the morning to have coffee, before catching their train. She stayed with them in their house when she was young.

Day Hundred and Thirty-nine

An Cansves Dedh Nawnjek warn Ügens
De Sül, ügensves mis Me. An jedh hedhyw ew Pencost. Ma va seyth de Sül òja Du Pask, henn ew hanter cans dedh warbarth gen Pask. Ma Pencost o menya an degves dedh ha dogans (warlergh an tavas Grekyan). Sunday, 20th May. The day today is Pentecost. It is seven Sundays after Easter Day, that is fifty days together with Easter. Pentecost means the fiftieth day (according to the Greek language).

Day Hundred and Thirty-eight

An Cansves Dedh Etek warn Ügens
De Sadorn ew, an nawnjegves dedh a vis Me. Pana jorna teg! An howl a spladnas mettin, hanter dedh, dohajedh ha gordhûher ha nag era commel na niwl veth. Prins a veu demedhys, o gour a drohas an glesin gans y jynn-mejy ha me a wrüg golhy ledn e’n jynn-golhy. Re dòbm o raga vy dhe obery e’n lowarth. An ledn a sehas pur üskis war an linen. Me a welas an loor e’n eborn blou; gwarek (crobmen) ew lebmyn. Ma hei o cressya. Thera loor nowydh an pemdhegves Mis Me, an kensa qwarter a vedh an nessa warn ügens hag e vedh loor leun an nawhes warn ügens. It’s Saturday, the 19th day of May. What a beautiful day! The sun shone morning, noon, afternoon and evening. A prince was married, my husband cut the lawn with his mower and I washed a blanket in the washing machine. It was too hot for me to work in the garden. The blanket dried very quickly on the line. I saw the moon in the blue sky; it’s a crescent now. It is waxing. There was a new moon on 15th May, the first quar…