Day Two Hundred and Twenty-six

Dew Cansves Dedh Whegh warn Ügens
De Merher, pemdhegves mis Est. Wednesday, 15th August. Pandra dhe dhebry? Hedna ew an qwestyon. Na vadna vy debry kig na moy. Nag eus whans dhebm a gawas tra veth dhort bestas – na kig, na pesk, na cregyn, na keus, na leth, na oyow naneyl. Eus nekevys genam neb tra? Manen! Na wra vy debry manen war o bara scrawys na fella. Rag haunsel me a dhabras is gen “leth” amenut. Rag kidnyow me a gawas ejan fav gen lies losowen. Ha pandra warbydn coon? Me a drias füg-hos. (En Alys en Pow an Anethow ma Füg-Grobman.) Lebmyn ma bèrlosken dhebm. Na wrama tria hedna arta.
What to eat? That is the question. I will not eat meat any more. I don’t want to have anything from animals – neither meat, nor fish, nor shellfish, nor cheese, nor milk, nor eggs. Have I forgotten anything? I am no longer going to eat butter on my toast. For breakfast I ate cereal with almond “milk”. For lunch I had a bean burger with lots of vegetables. And what for supper? I tried mock duck. (In Ali…

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-five

De Meurth, pajerdegves mis Est. Tuesday, 14th August. Me a gar nosow cosel heb gwens. Me ell kerdhes mes a chei vy ha clowes son an mor. Nag eus tros kerry ha ma son o moas etta dres ayr an nos. Me a gar nosow heb loor ha heb commol magata. Nena me ell sevel et o lowarth ha mires orth rûth veur a ster. Nag eus bes üdn launter stret en ogas. I love quiet, windless nights. I can walk out of my house and hear the sound of the sea. There is no traffic noise and sound travels well through the night air. I love moonless, cloudless nights as well. Then I can stand in my garden and look at a multitude of stars. There is only one street lamp nearby.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-four

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer warn Ügens
De Lün, terdhegves mis Est. Monday, 13th August. Dew flogh wydn bian a dhabras ly gena nei. Nena, “A Vamm Wynn, gwra gwary shoppas genen!” Me a faynyas dhe berna o livrow ha liwyow o honan. Òja ly agan mergh a dhros an sygednow keun. Hei a’s cavas et hy sagh. Hei a gemeras hy fleghes hag hy kei bian dhe ves. Hedna a ros dhebm termyn lowr dhe argrafa ügens dasscrif a’n lether nowodhow vy. Me a scrifas trigvaow, tackyas stompys ha postyas anjei dhe esely o bagas art. Two small grandchildren ate lunch with us. Then, “Nanny, play shops with us!” I pretended to buy my own books and paints. After lunch our daughter brought the dogs’ leads. She found them in her bag. She took her children and her little dog away. That gave me enough time to print twenty copies of my newsletter. I addressed envelopes, stuck on stamps and posted them to members of my art group.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-three

Dew Cansves Dedh Trei warn Ügens
De Sül, dewdhegves mis Est. Sunday, 12th August. Jorna da o. Nag era odhom dhebm a fittya boos. Nei eth dhe chei o hôr wheg ha hy gour dhe gawas li. Nei a dhabras lies losôwen wheg ha yar rostys (ken nag era vy o tebry kig). Òja hedna nei a dhabras sevy ha dehen (saw na wrüga vy cawas an dehen). Nag era odhom dhen dhe gerdhes gen an keun naneyl. Agan mergh a dheuth dhe gan chei ha hei a gerdhas ganjans et agan le. E’n gwettha pres, nag ew an sygednow dhe voas kevys lebmyn en teller veth! It was a good day. I didn’t need to cook. We went to the house of my sister-in-law and her husband to have lunch. We ate lots of nice vegetables and roast chicken (though I don’t eat meat). After that we ate strawberries and cream (but I didn’t have the cream). We didn’t need to walk the dogs either. Our daughter came to our house and she walked them instead of us. Unfortunately, the leads are now nowhere to be found!

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-two

Dew Cansves Dedh Dew warn Ügens
De Sadorn, üdnegves mis Est. Saturday, 11th August.

Me a veras orth o gwedhen aval vian hedhyw. Pe le ma’n avalow? Nag eus bes üdn aval rüdh dhedhy. Codhys ew oll an re erel po debrys gen edhnow. Ma semblant teg dhe’n aval rüdh dhort pelder, saw gowek ew hedna. Debrys ew magata. Me a welas gohien (qwilkiores) etto. (An kensa gohien ma gwelys genam e’n vledhen ma.) I looked at my little apple tree today. Where are the apples? It only has one red apple. All the others are fallen or eaten by birds. The red apple looks beautiful from a distance, but that is deceptive. It is eaten as well. I saw a wasp in it. (The first wasp I have seen this year.)

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-one

Dew Cansves Dedh Onan warn Ügens
De Gwener, degves mis Est. Friday, 10th August. Üdn jedh moy o scrifa an lether nowodhow – ma odhom dhebm cowldowethy an dra ken avorow. Esely an bagas art a vedn doas dhe gerhes mergh scrifa dhort an crow. E vedh whans dhodhans a dhasscrifow dhe gemeres dhe ves. One more day writing the newsletter – I need to finish the thing before tomorrow. Members of the art group will come to fetch easels from the shed. They will want copies to take away.

Day Two Hundred and Twenty

Dew Cansves Dedh hag Ügens
De Yow, nawves mis Est. Thursday, 9th August. E veu hager tros en cres a’n nos. “Piw an Jowl eus warfedhys?” me a vednas orth o honan. O hath a welas cath aral anketh der beister an gegin. Nena an kei a venja moas mes e’n lowarth – ha whath o tewal. Òja hedna na aljama còsca arta. Lebmyn skith o vy. There was a horrible noise in the middle of the night. “What the Devil has happened?” I asked myself. My cat saw another strange cat through the kitchen window. Then the dog wanted to go out into the garden – while it was still dark. After that I couldn’t sleep again. Now I’m tired.