Day Three Hundred and Forty-nine

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Naw
De Sül, whehdegves mis Kevardhû. Sunday, 16th December
Jorna loos o, maga loos avel lüjiw, comolek, gleb ha heb howl. Otta an mor en pelder; brîth/labol gen loos o, loos tewl reb an ebòrn ha loos gwàdn reb an mordardh gwydn. Nei alja lavaral, “Glas ew an mor.” Glas ew an gwel dien. Dison o – gellys o an gwens ha nag era nagonan veth a-les, marnas agan honan. It was a grey day, as grey as ashes, cloudy, damp and sunless. See the sea in the distance; it was striped with grey, dark grey by the sky and pale grey by the white surf. We could say, “The sea is grey.” The entire scene is grey. It was quiet – the wind was gone and there was nobody at all out and about, apart from ourselves.

Day Three Hundred and Forty-eight

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens hag Eth
De Sadorn, pemdhegves mis Kevardhû. Saturday, 15th December
Nag eus lev dhebm, etho na ellama dispûtya ort nagonan. Dison oma hedhyw, pur dhison! Jorna da ew rag mires ort tele ha gwary gwariow compûter/jinn-amontya. Ma dhen tele nowydh. Agan tele bian a wrüg fyllel ha nei a bernas onan brâssa. Ev a dheuth òja dijunih/hansel/li. Me a necovas o jinn-amontya rag pols bian ha’n gath a sedhas warnodho. Hei a chanjyas an scrîn et tien! E veu imach a Truru coth – hebma ew tednans gen o gohydh (rag lever flehes). I have no voice, so I can’t argue with anyone. I am quiet today, very quiet. It’s a good day to watch TV and play computer games. We have a new TV. Our little TV broke down and we bought a bigger one. It came after breakfast. I forgot my computer for a short while and the cat sat on it. She completely changed the screen! There was an image of old Truro – this is a drawing by my daughter-in-law (for a children's book).

Day Three Hundred and Forty-seven

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Seyth
De Gwener, pajerdegves mis Kevardhû. Friday, 14th December Nag o vy lowen. Ma whath dhebm branjen dhrog ha pâs. Na wrüga vy mos mes oll an seythen. Na veu na descans Kernôwek, na bagas art na bagas scriforyon ragam. Me a wra gwelha nessa seythen, ma esperans dhebm. Lebmyn ma odhom dhebm a scrifa nebes cartednow rag Nadelik. Res vedh o gour dh’aga gorra en kisten post ragam.  I am not happy. I still have a sore throat and cough. I have not been out all week. There was no Cornish lesson, art group or writers group for me. I will get better next week, I hope. Now I need to write some cards for Christmas. My husband will have to put them in a letter box for me.

Day Three Hundred and Forty-six

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Whegh
De Yow, terdhegves mis Kevardhû. Thursday, 13th December

Piw a veu an kensa stenoryon? Nei a wolyas Degol Picrous hedhyw. Thew an keth jorna ha’n Chewidden. A veu Picrous po Perran an kensa stener? Dres lycklod an eyl nan y gila. Ajwonys o sten nanj ew pel, dhort termynyow ancyent. Hanow stof/men stenys ew “cassiterite” dhort Grek coth “kassiteros” (ow styrrya sten). Ha hanow Roman rag sten o “stannum”. Rag hedna, sten o ajwonys solabres ken Picrous ha Perran. Soweth! Na fors! Kernow a gar sans po dew. Da o Perran ha Picrous dhe stenoryon, anjei a dhegemeras mona moy dhe Chewidden. Spenys ova war wires, rag hedna an lavar “maga medhow avel Perraner”.   Who was the first tinner? We celebrated Picrous Day today. It’s the same day as Chewidden (White Thursday). Was Picrous or St Piran the first tinner? More than likely neither one nor the other. Tin was known for a long time, from ancient times. The name of tin ore is cassiterite from the ancient Greek kassi…

Day Three Hundred and Forty-five

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Pemp
De Merher, dewdhegves mis Kevardhû. Wednesday, 12th December

Perran ew sans tasek stenoryon. Ma henwhedhel adro dhodho – ev a wrüg dismygya fatel teudha sten, de Yow Chewidden. En nos yeyn ev a worras lam dû war an tan, saw na veu an lam glow - ev a veu stof stenys. An tomder a deudhas an olcan sten gwydn lin dhort an men. Rag hedna crows wydn war wel dû ew baner Perran, baner a Gernow. Ha “Chewidden”, ew hedna “Yow Gwydn”, po a veu Chewidden sans erel, coweth Perran? Piw a or? Avorow a vedh de Yow Chewidden. En termyn eus passyes an jedh a veu degol rag stenoryon. St Piran is the patron saint of tinners. There is a legend about him – he discovered how to smelt tin, on Chewidden (or White) Thursday. In a cold night he put a black lump on the fire, but the lump was not coal - it was tin ore. The heat melted the liquid white tin metal from the stone. Therefore a white cross on a black background is St Piran’s flag, the flag of Cornwall. And “Chewidden”, is t…

Day Three Hundred and Forty-four

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Pajer
De Meurth, üdnegves mis Kevardhû. Tuesday, 11th December
Ke nag eus lies joy en gwav, me a gavas üdn tra wheg hedhyw. Reb an vownder ma rew a alan wheg (troos ebel wheg) ha mons ow tallath blejowa. Ma sawarn pur wheg dhodhans, avel vanilla. An vownder ew leyjek, rag hedna thew an flourys ploos, saw nag üjy hedna ow lehe aga perfûm. Nag ew an flourys teg – nag eus gwenen po ticky Düw veth dhe dedna. Nag üjy anjei ow cül has naneyl – nag eus flourys benow en Kernow. Nag ens flourys genejek (dhort Africa Norh ens) .  Although there aren’t many joys in winter, I found one nice thing today. By the lane is a row of sweet coltsfoot (winter heliotrope, Petasites fragrans) and they are starting to flower. They have a very sweet smell, like vanilla. The lane is muddy, therefore the flowers are dirty, but that does not diminish their perfume. The flowers are not beautiful – there is not a single bee or butterfly to attract. Neither do they produce seeds – there are …

Day Three Hundred and Forty-three

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Trei
De Lün, degves mis Kevardhû. Monday, 10th December

Na wrüga vy mos mes hedhyw. Na veu an gewer re dhrog saw me a wòrtas tre. Ma branjen dhrog ha pâs genam. Na wra vy mos mes avorow naneyl. Me a scrifas whedhel bian rag o bagas scriforyon (nessa de Sadorn). Ma odhom a nebes aral ewedh, martesen gwers po cân. An letherwas a dhros calander Sophie Blokker hedhyw, dhort agan cothmans en Zelond Nowydh. Pur deg ew ev. Ma edhyn genejek gen gwelow war aga ascra. Mons ow rei dhebm tybyans da rag o brithow o honan. Nag eus pedn gwydn na albatros veth en Kernow, bes me alja liwya choha (palores) gen aljow warnodho a-der a-dhelher (a dhelergh) dhodho - po golan gen croust nebonan. I didn’t go out today. The weather wasn’t too bad but I stayed home. I have a sore throat and cough. I shan’t go out tomorrow either. I wrote a little story for my writers group (next Saturday). I need something else as well, perhaps a poem or a song. The postman brought a Sophie Blokker cale…