Day Two Hundred and Twenty-four

Dew Cansves Dedh Pajer warn Ügens

De Lün, terdhegves mis Est.
Monday, 13th August.
Dew flogh wydn bian a dhabras ly gena nei. Nena, “A Vamm Wynn, gwra gwary shoppas genen!”  Me a faynyas dhe berna o livrow ha liwyow o honan. Òja ly agan mergh a dhros an sygednow keun. Hei a’s cavas et hy sagh. Hei a gemeras hy fleghes hag hy kei bian dhe ves. Hedna a ros dhebm termyn lowr dhe argrafa ügens dasscrif a’n lether nowodhow vy. Me a scrifas trigvaow, tackyas stompys ha postyas anjei dhe esely o bagas art.
Two small grandchildren ate lunch with us. Then, “Nanny, play shops with us!” I pretended to buy my own books and paints. After lunch our daughter brought the dogs’ leads. She found them in her bag. She took her children and her little dog away. That gave me enough time to print twenty copies of my newsletter. I addressed envelopes, stuck on stamps and posted them to members of my art group.


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