Day Two Hundred and Twenty-two

Dew Cansves Dedh Dew warn Ügens

De Sadorn, üdnegves mis Est.
Saturday, 11th August.

Me a veras orth o gwedhen aval vian hedhyw. Pe le ma’n avalow? Nag eus bes üdn aval rüdh dhedhy. Codhys ew oll an re erel po debrys gen edhnow. Ma semblant teg dhe’n aval rüdh dhort pelder, saw gowek ew hedna. Debrys ew magata. Me a welas gohien (qwilkiores) etto. (An kensa gohien ma gwelys genam e’n vledhen ma.)
I looked at my little apple tree today. Where are the apples? It only has one red apple. All the others are fallen or eaten by birds. The red apple looks beautiful from a distance, but that is deceptive. It is eaten as well. I saw a wasp in it. (The first wasp I have seen this year.)


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